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How to find your perfect lip shade in this fall | Fall lipsticks | zarinlifa

This is the perfect time of the year to bring your all dark lip shades out.  But something it can be little difficult to find your perfect dark shade for your skin tone. So today i am gonna share with you guys 3 steps which will help you to find your perfect lip shade.

Step 1. Understand right skin

Usually  people have 3 kinds of skin undertones. . Warm
. Cool
. Neutral
Warm: warm skintone has more of a yellow undertones.
Cool : It has pink undertones.
Neutral: This has both yellow and pink .
Step 2. Identify your skintone.
If you are warm undertone then you will have geen veins. ( you can check on  you wrist to identify which veins you have. )
Cool undertones has blue veins.
And lastly if you can't identify weather you have blue or green veins. You are the most luckyone.  You have neutral undertone. 
Step 3. Match your perfect dark lip shade.
Warm skintone :
Lipsticks which has orange undertones will go perfect for warm undertone. Colours like ; burgundy,…

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